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Nurse Dominique to the Rescue!


Sometimes our sweet little babies turn into tiny dictators who don't seem to know what they want!  It certainly doesn't help that babies and parents don't speak the same language.  Parents are left to determine the orders these cute little tyrants scream out with very little direction or experience.  Don't Despair!  Just call Nurse Dominique!

Our Founder, Dominique Weiss, knows all too well the difficulties New Parents experience when they bring home their precious bundles.  As a Mother/Baby Nurse and Lactation Consultant at Mount Sinai in New York City, she's used to helping excited parents in those first few exhausting days.  She guides patients through all aspects of caring for their babies including diaper changing, bathing, nursing and setting up a routine.  She is available to make home visits and help iron out an pesky wrinkles during those first few months at home.  


Check out her services and packages below!  The packages make great gifts!

Initial Lactation Home Visit

Our expert Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consult with come to your home and help with any challenges the nursing diad may be experiencing.  Visit will include a weighted feed to calculate baby's intake and 1-week of phone support with a 15 min virtual check-in.

Intial Home Visit $400.  Packages also available.  Twins pricing varies, please call to inquire.

Follow-up Lactation Home Visit

Our IBCLC will come back to your home and help you with whatever the diad is still struggling.  Initial visit must have been booked and conducted.

Follow up visit: $300.  

Bronze Package

  $450 (save $50)

  • 1 home visit 

  • 1 additional virtual check-in                         (45 mins total)

Silver Package

  $775 (save $100)

  • 2 home visit 

  • 2 additional virtual check-ins                  (1 hour and 30 mins)

Gold Package

$950 (save $225!)

  • 3 home visit 

  • 3 virtual check-ins       (1 hour and 45 mins total)

Virtual Check in

Because new parents ALWAYS have questions... but not all questions require in-home visits. Schedule a Zoom Meeting with our Lactation Consultant to discuss any issues that may have cropped up.

30-mins $100

1-hour $175 (can be used in 2 30-min sessions)

Baby Basics:  Live and In Person

Want the live version of our Baby Basics Class after your little one arrives?  You got it!  This Home Visit covers:  Feeding (full Lactation Visit), Activities (such as diaper changes, sponge baths, nail trimming and burping), Calming Techniques and Sleep Routining.

3-hours $600

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