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Our Classes

                 We offer Monthly Group Classes- In-Person and on Zoom, as well as Private and Customized versions of all of our classes.                        We require a non-refundable $100 deposit when registering for a class.  The balance will be due in Cash the day of your class.

Childbirth Prep: 101

The Miracle of Birth is a mysterious process even for those who deal with it on a daily basis.  So, it isn't too hard to understand why an expectant couple would have anxiety and fear sprinkled into all the excitement surrounding the arrival of their baby.  This class prepares expectant couples for the last months of pregnancy, and what to expect during Labor and Delivery.  The class seeks to replace the anxiety and fear with not only medical facts, but also love and confidence.  The class is taught by Dominique Weiss, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Mother/Baby Nurse, Doula and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant who can explain situations and answer questions with realistic responses. Couples come away with an understanding of what they can expect on their Big Day.​ 


Topics covered include: True Labor vs False Labor, The Admission Process, Labor- dilatation, effacement and contractions, Pharmacological Pain Relief, Pushing Techniques, Cesarean Sections and the Recovery Period.


Class lasts approximately 4 hours and costs $400/couple.  Zoom option available.  Private classes available.  



  • Thursday, December 7th, 6-10pm (Full)

  • Thursday, January 18th, 6-10pm (Full)

  • Thursday, February 29th, 6-10pm (2 spots)

  • Thursday, March 21st, 6-10pm (3 spots)

  • Thursday, April 18th, 6-10pm (3 spots)

  • Thursday, May 30th, 6-10pm (3 spots)

  • Thursday, June 20th, 6-10pm (3 spots)

Childbirth Prep: Crash Course

This 2.5-hour version of our Childbirth Prep: 101 covers the essentials of Childbirth including: Early and Active Labor, Hospital Admission, Common Medications and Procedures, Epidurals, Pushing and C-Sections.  


Group class held on Zoom.  Costs $250/couple.  Can be taken as a private class, in-person or on Zoom.


  • Thursday, January 25th, 6-8:30pm (space available)

  • Thursday, March 7th, 6-8:30pm (space available)

  • Thursday, May 9th, 6-8:30pm (space available)

Childbirth Prep: Cesarean Section

This 90-minute class is great for those clients who know they will be delivered by Cesarean Section.  Topics covered include: Signs of Labor, Pre-surgical Testing, Hospital Admission, Surgery, Recovery, and Tips.



Please contact us for scheduling

Baby Basics: 101

Many Parents experience mixed emotions regarding taking their baby home.  They fear that they won't know how to take care of their little one.  The Baby Basics Class focuses on building the foundations for caring for a Newborns which grow into caring for a Baby.   Our experienced instructor, Dominique will discuss and demonstrate skills including:


Routines & Scheduling, Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding, Bathing, Diapering, Cord Care, Calming Techniques, Infant Safety and Common Illness and Sick Care.


Cost is $375/couple.  May be taken in-home AFTER baby arrives- 3 hours, $675 

  • Thursday, February 8th, 6-9:30pm (2 spots)

  • Thursday, March 14th, 6-9:30pm (2 spots)

  • Thursday, April 11th, 6-9:30pm (3 spots)

  • Thursday, May 16th, 6-9:30pm (3 spots)

  • Thursday, June 13th, 6-9:30pm (3 spots)

Bringing Home Babies: A Multiples Prep

This is a great Twins Intensive course! Class covers everything from Pregnancy, Delivery, Breastfeeding and Scheduling Tips! Class taught by Dominique Weiss, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Lactation Consultant and mom of boy/girl twins


Class lasts approximately 3 hours  and $600/couple.

Be Prepared: Infant & Child CPR 

CPR may be the most important skills for parents and caretakers to understand.  While we hope to never have to use them, they can literally be Life Saving.  Our experienced instructor will discuss and demonstrate skills so that clients come away with the basics of Infant and Child CPR, Choking Prevention and Resolution, as well as Baby Safety.   An In-person Skills Lab will be scheduled once social distancing has been lifted.  All class attendees will be encouraged to come and practice their technique and ask any questions they may have.


Now offered as a Hybrid class- in person or on zoom.  Training last approximately 2 hours and costs $150/person.



  • Thursday, Nov 30th, 6-8pm (4 spaces available)

  • Saturday, January 13th, 12-2pm (3 spots left)

  • Saturday, February 24th, 12-2pm (space available)

  • Saturday, March 23rd, 12-2pm (space available)

  • Saturday, April 13th, 12-2pm (space available)

  • Saturday, May 4th, 12-2pm (space available)

  • Saturday, June 8th, 12-2pm (space available)

Private, Customized and Combo Classes

We understand that every Expectant Parent has different interests, concerns, areas they want to focus on and even schedule.  For that reason, we offer all of our classes in a private setting in our office or in your home.  We also offer customized and combo classes.  

If you are interested in one of these options, please send us an email letting us know which class or classes you are interested in.  We will then send you the syllabus for those you select and ask you to highlight the topics you would want to cover.  This will allow us to give you and time and price estimate.  These classes are billed at $225/hour.  There is a 2-hour minimum.  Classes can be held virtually at this time.

Here are some of our most popular classes:

  • 2-hour Customized Childbirth Prep Class ($450)

  • 3-hour Customized Childbirth Prep Class ($675)

  • Childbirth Prep: Crash Course & Breastfeeding Combo Class (3.5 hours, $850)

  • Childbirth Prep: Crash Course & Baby Basics Combo Class (5 hours, $1125)

  • Infant and Child CPR (2 people, 2 hours, $450)

  • CPR & Baby Basics Combo Class- no breastfeeding ($800)

  • Breastfeeding  (1 hours, $225)

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