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Live from New York!

Offering Live, Hybrid and In-Person Classes

at our location near Columbus Circle!

1 West 67th Street, NY NY 10023

Classes and Services


You've got questions.  We've got answers!  Our Prenatal Preparation Classes will help prepare you for all the aspects of bringing your sweet little bundle home from the hospital and keep them safe and healthy at home. 

Help!  We're having trouble breastfeeding!

Nursing can be a tricky skill for mom and baby to learn- kind of like learning to dance the Tango.  And even if it's going well, our team can make it even better.  Let our LC come to your home and help solve any nursing problems that may crop up.

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Our caring and compassionate team of Registered Nurses are ready to educate you and support you through your journey into Parenthood.  

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