We're here for you during these troubling times

Baby Zone remains committed to the health and wellness of our families.  We hope that you are safe, feeling supported and most importantly, able to appreciate the magic of pregnancy.


Given the current circumstances, we’ve adapted the way we offer our clients their Evidence-Based Prenatal Classes.  For the near term, we will be switching to an online platform and will continue to offer our Childbirth Preparation, Baby Basics: 101 and Infant and Child CPR classes in a virtual group setting.  Virtual Lactation Consultations are also be available online.  In order to support your family further, all classes will come include a virtual check in after baby arrives.  

As the situation in New York begins to calm, we are delighted to begin offering in-person private classes at our private garden in the Upper West Side.  Please message us for more information.

As a Mom, I appreciate and understand the concerns you have . Our goal is to provide the same quality Prenatal Education within this evolved setting.


Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions,


Dominique Weiss

Classes and Services


You've got questions.  We've got answers!  Our Prenatal Preparation Classes will help prepare you for all the aspects of bringing your sweet little bundle home from the hospital and keep them safe and healthy at home. 

Help!  Baby's Here!

Sometimes theory doesn't translate into practice as seamlessly as we hope- especially when you're sleep deprived and baby is being less than cooperative.  Let our team come to your home and help solve any problems that may crop up.

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Our caring and compassionate team of Registered Nurses are ready to educate you and support you through your journey into Parenthood.